11 things you can do NOW to save the planet

Did you watch David Attenborough’s Climate Change Facts on BBC1? If not, have a look. It’s tough, but essential, viewing.

If you watched, were heartbroken by baby bats clinging to mothers killed by a heatwave, were astonished by how quickly things have escalated and were left with feelings of despair…

…hold onto the thought that we can and must do what we can, while we still can.

11 things to help save the planet and the baby bats that you can start RIGHT NOW:

1. Switch your energy supplier to one that uses 100% renewables. There are many companies to choose from, but I opted for Ecotricity as they don’t use biogas which comes from animal farming.

2. Only buy what you really need – especially food. Eat everything you buy. (Again, especially food. Maybe not those old trainers. Maybe don’t eat those.)

3. Avoid food and, where possible, other products that has/have been air-freighted. (Apparently air is far worse environmentally than boats.)

4. Stop eating meat and dairy, or at least reduce your consumption. It really is easier than you think. Yes, soy and palm oil also cause devastation, likewise sisal, cashew and anything else that’s mass produced. Capitalism/consumerism is the issue, not veganism. Do what you can to make ethical choices that are more gentle on the planet.

5. Avoid single use plastic. If you haven’t already, invest in a metal water bottle (and reusable coffee cup while you’re at it) and pledge never to buy a bottle of water again.

6. Find out if you have a zero waste shop in your area. Near Southend, we have The Refill Room in Leigh-on-Sea where you can fill containers with shampoo, conditioner, laundry and washing up liquid. There’s also one in Colchester Zero waste shop in Colchester

7. Make your garden a green haven. Plant stuff, have a pond, grow veggies. If you haven’t got a garden, get some window boxes or find a community space to sow some seeds.

8. Get a bike. Use it as more than a coat stand.

9. Elections are coming up in May. Ask your candidates what they are doing to combat climate change and reduce emissions. Ask what’s in their manifesto. Make sure they know this is an important issue for you as a voter.

10. Learn about Permaculture as a lifestyle. Earth care, people care, fair share. Author and all round smashing person Graham Burnett runs courses. 

11. Be inspired by children around the world that are striking for their and their planet’s future. Join your voice to the Extinction Rebellion XR. There are groups around the UK, including in Southend. 

These are simple things that can be started immediately. I’m aware choice is a privilege that not everyone has. Do what you can. Even doing one or two or a few things from this list will help.

And those of us that CAN make choices, that have privilege – we are duty bound to do as much as we can. It’s the wealthy that have fucked up the world and it’s the poorest that will bear the brunt of those harms.

These are desperate times. Perhaps it’s too late, but let’s behave as though it’s not.


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