Positive ways to bring people together: courses for 2020

As an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Practitioner, I’ve trained for many years in ways to bring diverse people together to make great things happen.

Aligned with positive psychology, AI is useful in helping people mine their own experiences of achievement and discover what they have in common with one another; much needed at a time when communities are divided.

Most of the time when I’m called upon to provide training in AI and related engagement tools and techniques, it’s by large organisations across the UK – but seldom in my home town of Southend. So I thought I’d begin 2020 by addressing this.

I’ll be offering a series of short, accessible, workshops on practical ways to bring people together to resolve issues, coproduce services or organisational strategies, or develop community projects.

The workshops will be equally relevant to volunteer community organisers as to people working with citizens professionally.

The sessions will be:

  • An introduction to Appreciative Inquiry: an overview of what it is and how to apply the principles. AI is scalable – it works as well with groups of 6 people as it does at conferences or summits for 600.
  • Open Space Technology: a superb self-organising tool that can be used for coproduction, deliberative events and any time you want to work with a diverse group of people and want to encourage them to take the lead in developing actions.
  • World Cafe: A fun, creative and interactive way to collect a plethora of ideas while bringing together diverse people.
  • Designing Community Projects: practical tools and tips for moving from ideas to action and delivery. Don’t just talk about it, do it!

At time of writing, I’m exploring suitable community venues in Southend. If you would like any or all of the above run in-house for your organisation, business or group, please get in touch!

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